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Research Projects

  • Correlations Between Vision Insurance, Eye Care Provider Use, and Visual Impairment Among Canadians

    Principal Investigator and Supervising Professor: Dr. Ya-Ping Jin, MD, PhD, Department of Ophthalmology & Vision Sciences at the University of Toronto

    FundingCanadian Research Data Centre Network (CRDCN) from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), the Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR), the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and Statistics Canada

    Associated Publications:

    • Abstract: Eyeglass insurance coverage in Ontario and its association with utilization of eye care providers and prevalence of self-reported visual impairment, University of Toronto Institute of Medical Science Summer Undergraduate Research Program Research Day, Toronto, 2018.
    • You may view all of Prem’s publications here.
  • Optimal Conditions for Temporary Storage of Ischemically-Injured and Reperfused Kidney Grafts for Transplantation

    Principal Investigator and Supervising Professor: Dr. Peter Urbanellis, MD, MSc, UHN Multi-Organ Transplant Program

    Funding: N/A

    Associated Publications:

    • Abstract: Normothermic Ex-Vivo Kidney Perfusion Restores the Genetic Profile of Marginal Kidney Grafts Subjected to Warm Ischemia, Canadian Transplant Summit, Ottawa, 2018. (pending presentation/publication)
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  • Relationships, Community Involvement, & Access to Care Among Sexual Minorities

    There is currently little knowledge of the experiences and service needs of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Queer (LGBTQ+) community internationally. Research indicates that LGBTQ+ communities are often at greater risk of violence and discrimination which may also lead to greater mental health problems, suicidal ideation, internalized homophobia, and abuse resulting from the use of online dating applications. Due to this, they often have greater needs for safe services, community support, and protection against this higher risk of harms. This project includes data from the MSc Thesis Data of Raymond M. McKie and data from the OutLook Study.

    Supervisor and Principal Investigator: Raymond M. McKie, MSc, Ph.D. candidate and Dr. Robert N. Travers, Ph.D.

    Funding: Faculty of Science Students’ Association (FOSSA)

    Associated Publications:

    • Poster Presentation: Awareness of and access to LGBTQ-friendly services among racialized sexual and gender minorities: Insights from the OutLook Study, Wilfrid Laurier University, March 2017
    • Poster Abstract & Presentation: Seeking sexual partners and boundary setting among MSM on text-based interfaces, Canadian Sex Research Forum, September 2016
    • Poster Abstract & Presentation: Understanding internalized homophobia and gay community involvement in a sample of MSM from Canada, the US, and Western Europe, Canadian Sex Research Forum, September 2016
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  • Expression of Stem Cell Marker LIFR-α: Understanding its Effects on Differentiation in Human Granulosa Cells

    Supervising Professor and Principal Investigator: Dr. Shlomit Kenigsberg, Ph.D., MBA and Dr. Clifford L. Librach, MD, FRSC(C), FACOG(REI)

    Funding: Sunnybrook Research Institute Davis + Henderson Student Research Award & CReATe Fertility Centre

    Associated Publications:

    • Poster Presentation: Leukaemia Inhibitory Factor Receptor (LIFRα) Expression in Human Ovarian Granulosa Cells an an Indication of Undifferentiated Cells, Sunnybrook Research Institute Summer Research Day, August 2015
    • Project Abstract:  Leukaemia Inhibitory Factor Receptor (LIFRα) Expression in Human Ovarian Granulosa Cells an an Indication of Undifferentiated Cells, UofT Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research Day, May 2016
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  • Expression and Purification of a Recombinant Version of atToc159MHis for Structural and Functional Studies: Understanding the Role of the M-domain

    The M-Domain of TOC complexes, specifically TOC159M, remains a mystery to this day. Understanding how this protein can be expressed in various organisms including that of Escherichia coli is consequential in understanding how TOC159M, a membrane protein, interacts with bacterial membranes. According to Zoonens and Miroux, the so-called internal membrane is also produced when auto-inducing a culture of BL-21 Codon Plus (RIPL) E.coli. The main goal of Prem’s research project is to further understand the expression of protein in membranes, the role of the internal membranes and how they are produced, and analyze the M-domain to determine structure and function. Various methods include auto-induction, IMAC purification, in addition to assays including Bradford, NADH oxidase, BCA, and lipid to determine solubility of the protein in different detergents with an end goal of determining the structure and function of the atTOC159 M-domain.

    Principal Investigator and Supervising Professor: Dr. Matthew D. Smith, Ph.D., Wilfrid Laurier University

    Mentor: Tuan (Patrick) Hoang, MD Candidate, Ph.D., M.Sc.

    Funding: Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA) & NSERC Research Discovery Grant (Awarded to Dr. Matthew D. Smith)

    Associated Publications:

    • Poster Presentation & Abstract: Structure and function of the Toc159 M-domain, and its role in targeting the preprotein receptor to the chloroplast outer envelope membrane, Protein Science, 2015; 24(S1): 282-283.
    • You may view all of Prem’s publications here.

Research Interests

  • General Surgery & Organ Transplant
  • Health Policy
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Public Health and Prevention


  • Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
  • Aseptic Technique and Autoclaving
  • Analytical Chemistry Techniques
  • Auto-Induction & Bacterial Cell Culture
  • Bacterial Transformation
  • Bradford & Bicinchoninic Acid (BCA) Protein Assays
  • cDNA Synthesis & Pre-Amplification
  • Centrifugation & Fractionation
  • Circular Dichroism
  • Distillation
  • DNA Cloning, Ligation, & Transformation
  • Double Enzyme Restriction Digest
  • Gel DNA Extraction & Purification
  • Immobilized Metal Ion Affiinty Chromatography (IMAC)
  • Immunocytochemistry
  • Liquid-Liquid Separation
  • Plasmid DNA Isolation & Purification
  • Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis
  • Protein Expression & Purification
  • qPCR & Primer Design
  • RNA Extraction
  • Scientific Writing
  • Western Blot Analysis

Laboratory Training, Certifications, and Continuing Education

  • August 2015
    EMD Serono ABC's of ART
    ABC's of ART - M1 Reproductive AnatomyABC's of ART - M2 Overview of Infertility

    ABC's of ART - M3 Infertility ScreeningABC's of ART - M4 Intro. to ARTABC's of ART - M5 Medications Used

  • February 2015
    WHMIS Safety Training


  • February 2015
    Ontario Worker Health and Safety Awareness in 4 Steps

    Worker Health and Safety Awareness in 4 Steps Certificate

  • February 2015
    Canada's National Hand Hygiene Challenge

    Canadian Patient Safety Institute - Hand Hygiene

  • September 2014
    Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans Course on Research Ethics (TCPS 2: CORE)

    TCPS 2

  • July 2011
    Accessibility Standards Training Program Completion Certificate

    Accessibility Standards Training Program

Past Conference Attendance

  • May 2015
    Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research Day, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

    OB-GYN Research Day 2015

Past & Present Research Supervisors

Dr. Robb Travers

Dr. Robb Travers

Chair of Health Sciences, Wilfrid Laurier University

Dr. Shlomit Kenigsberg

Dr. Shlomit Kenigsberg

Research Associate, CReATe Fertility Centre

Dr. Clifford L. Librach

Dr. Clifford L. Librach

Director & Principal Investigator, CReATe Fertility Centre

Dr. Matthew D. Smith

Dr. Matthew D. Smith

Associate Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University